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about me

hey, i'm mike soares. a lot of my friends call me soares, dj swar, swar, etc. i'm from montreal, quebec and now live in san francisco, california.

i'm a recent computer engineering grad from the university of waterloo in computer engineering. using and modifying computers started out as a hobby for me, so i figured, "why not learn more about what i like instead of pursuing something i might not like?" and here i am.

my interest in computers began back in 1993 (yes, i was three years old) when i started playing all kinds of games. i later discovered the internet. after that, i became interested in web scripting in 1998 when i started to use microsoft frontpage. i learned html by going over the code frontpage would generate and replicating the page by rewriting the code in a text editor. over the years, i have learned to code in other languages such as php+mysql, xhtml, javascript, css, c, c++, c#, assembly, vhdl, etc.

contact me

if you have any comments or would just like to talk, you can e-mail me at talk [at] mikesoares [dot] com. for all job- or work-related postings, opportunities, or inquiries, please e-mail opportunities [at] mikesoares [dot] com.